Bled-konferenssi 19.5. Slovenia: How To Lead Through the Crisis: A Survival Kit.

Sloveniassa Bled School of Managementissa järjestettävä tapahtuma, johon odotetaan osallistuvan kaiken kaikkiaan 250 Keski- ja Itä-Euroopan johtajaa, poliitikkoa ja sijoittajaa.

Bloomberg näyttää tapahtuman suorana heidän kanavillaan viidessä eri maassa.

“The lecture aims to answer the question of how to steer the country through the significant challenges of the economic, social, institutional, and financial crisis. How to synchronize cost-control and public spending with technological development growth policy?”

Eskon puheen otsikkona tulee olemaan: “Thinking about Crisis Environment an the Highest Level”

“In times of crisis, two major efforts are urgently needed. First, you have to analyse your existing concept of operation. A set of Individual efforts to regain control will not work. In the middle of a crisis both companies and governments need a realistic analysis of external circumstances and own performance. On the basis of that a new operational concept must be designed.

Secondly, even when resources are scare, you have to invest in innovation. A crisis provides better opportunities to make radical reforms, to take into the use new technologies and reorganize businesses or governmental services.”