Did you know that the text message is a Finnish invention? Or the story of how a stray dog gave his name to a leading international brand? Where the producers of the James Bond movies went to uncover the secrets of ice and snow? Which remote seaside village the world’s superrich visit to order custommade luxury? In the eyes of the vvorld, Finland has become a remarkable success despite its size: ‘Wunderland’, as the Germans call it. VVithin the past few decades, this small Northern nation has blazed a trail to the world’s peak in fields ranging from technology and industry to music, sports and tourism. Now, meet the faces behind that success. The Finnish miracle is a collection of individual accomplishments and breakthroughs, many of vvhich have yet to earn the attention and respect they deserve. BREAKTHROUGH tells the stories of 90 Finnish successes from the vvorlds of culture, science, business and beyond. These colourful tales are testaments to creativity, persistence and burning faith in one’s own ideas. They show how, at the end of the day, a breakthrough in any field requires similar traits. This volume is a unique calling card from Finland. Rather than the nation’s majestic nature or its manmade environment, this time the spotlight is on the champions of its culture and wellbeing.